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Gyratory screen

Dry Separator:
Products Descriptions
Chemicals Polyvinyl chloride, melanin, phenolics, cellulose acetate, polystyrene, detergents, caustic soda flake, alum etc.,
Pulp &Wood Products Wood chips, particle Board and wood Flour
Animal Feed Scalping of foreign material, removal of bone chips etc.,
Grains Cleaning, Grading of Agricultural seeds and grains like rice, wheat, jowar etc.,
Cosmetic For removing foreign particles from powders.
Foods recovery of rice from hulls, coffee beans from chaff, and tea from bags.

Dry Classification:

Precise division of a dry material into sized fractions.

Products Descriptions
Tea Grading of CTC andOrthodox tea upto 8 grades.
Petrochemicals Sizing and reclaming catalyst pellets etc.,
Food Coffee powder, ground coffee, dried milk, sugar, salts, spices, cashew nuts, flour, maida, dehydrated onion powder.
Pharmaceuticals Aspirin, Boric acid, Epsom salts, sodium bicarbonate, tablet dedusting & granulations etc.,
Fertilizer Granulated mixes, potash, catalyst, urea ammonium, nitrate, sulphates and single super phosphates etc.,
Ceramics & Abrasives Cardorundrum, alumina oxide and blasting silica
Pigments Grading of powders.


Dewatering and removal of solid particles from Liquid medium.

Products Descriptions
Paper & Pulp Screening of adhesives, Starch solutions, Paper coatings and Black Liquor. Removal of Pulp and other contaminants from clean & back water. Sizing, scalping of wood chips without any clogging problem.
Food Separation of bagasse from sugar melt, slurry cum fiber from starch slurry, clarifying of chocolates liquor, removal of pulp from juice etc.,
Ceramics Clarifies body and glaze slips for witeware etc.,
Chemicals Separation of salt from glycerin, clarifying of Polyvinyl acetate emulsions, paints & enamels etc.,
Minerals Separation of impurities from kaolin slurry prior to centrifuging, classification of silica to remove iron impurities etc.,
Waste Disposal Clarification of white water from pulp mills, cannery wastes paunch manure from meat packing, distillery slop etc.,
Paints and Pigments Removal of foreign particles from liquid medium.

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